Actors Painful Costumes & Prosthetics In The Witcher Season 2

We are taking a peek behind the scenes at all of the painful prosthetics, consumed and makeup the actors in The Witcher, seasons 1 and 2, had to deal with. From sitting in the makeup chairs for hours on end to get stuffed into a perfectly form-fitting costume to wigs destroying actors’ hair there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Shows that exist in the fantasy drama often have to deal with some larger-than life costumes, that much is for certain. And when you’ve got an extremely successful video game creating high expectations, it can be a bit hard to cater to the game and also find artistic freedom within the design. Video game Geralt has the added benefit of not needing to worry about the functionality of his suit the same way Henry Cavill does. Can you guess what he did to break the suit in? Or what he did that almost blinded him? You read that right. And it was his own fault! And you won’t believe how he managed to destroy all of his costumes so quick. Freya Allan struggled with the bleached eyebrows. Anya Chalotra has had her share of heavy costumes as well as some incredibly painful prosthetics that resulted in massage therapy after wrapping. Prosthetics are a beast. This is true for Kristofer Hivju, Basil Eidenbenz, and Bart Edwards who played Nivellen, Eskel and Duny respectively. Yes, even the smaller characters like the ghouls have their own struggles. Truly it is unavoidable with prosthetics all over your face! And we’ll take prosthetics over CGI any day of the week!


00:00 Intro
00:15 Nivellen
01:06 Mud
01:33 The Wig
02:11 Eskel
02:33 Geralt’s Costume
03:12 Eyebrows
04:08 Contacts
05:05 Spare Clothes
05:34 Hunchback
06:09 Rope Dress
06:35 Armor
07:01 Duny’s Prosthetics
07:18 Eating

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Written by: Kydra Ryan
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Joaquín Rodríguez Carvalho

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