World Is Mine but my costume is MASSIVE

Flashing lights warning
Special Thanks to Pins.Snip.Cosplay (Snip) for filming and (Pins) for handling me:
Also thank you to misskoumori on IG, who’s audio from back of the house is mixed in.
Thanks to the staff of Holiday Matsuri, Amanda, Diana, and Cupcake cosplay, as well as the stage ninjas, and tech crew, and special thanks to the stage ninja that put the fork on stage for me, and Amanda for getting the fallen strawberry off the stage.
And thank you to the judges, I could see your faces on stage, and I will never forget the way  @KirileeCosplay  threw her arms in the air when i caught the strawberry.
But the biggest thanks to my grandma, who always encouraged every artistic endeavor I ever put my mind to, from drawing, to music, to sewing, her influence is the reason I could make this.

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