Winter Soldier Cosplay Tutorial Part 1 – Metal Arm – w/ FREE PATTERNS

(…but actually foam, not metal…)

Hey, everyone! I’m beyond hyped for this video, because it’s the first part of one of my dream cosplay builds” Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier! The whole arm is made of EVA foam with Worbla reinforcements. This project is 100% funded by donors on my Ko-Fi! I cannot thank you enough for supporting this project.

All of the patterns for this project will be free to download. Of course, they are made for MY body — I’m a 5’5″ woman — so they may need to be adjusted. However, they’ll be a good starting point for anyone making this arm!

FREE pattern downloads and written version of this tutorial:

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0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Patterning
1:53 – Assembly
5:05 – Sewing the Undershirt
6:12 – The Panels
10:10 – Priming & Painting
11:15 – Attachments & Closures
12:46 – The Star
13:20 – The Results

“Gemini” –
“Next Steps” –

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How To Make a VENOM Costume for HALLOWEEN!!!

#Venom #Costume #Puppet

Let’s create some puppetry Carnage!!!! In this video we learn how to make a Venom puppet and costume inspired by the new Venom movie coming out this week!

You could easily make this a Carnage costume too by using red fabric!

Download the FREE puppet pattern here!



1/2 inch foam

Stretch Velvet Black

White Acrylic paint

Red Acrylic paint

More Supplies!

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Cube & Rectangular
Foam Type: Dry Fast (2.15 lb)
Firmness: Medium
Length: 24 inches
Width: 48 inches
Height: 1 inch

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I am a maker/performer. I primarily work on projects using puppetry but I also do projects that are fashion design, cosplay, costuming, set building, and much more. On this channel, I have building videos, Shop Tips, time-lapse build etc.


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FREE PATTERNS: “Puppet Building”

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On the Road Vlog Camera- G7 X Mark II

Camera for Film Work- Canon 5D Mark III

Wide angle lens- Canon EF-S 10-22mm:

Favorite lens: Canon 50mm 1.2:

Mid Range Lens- Canon 24-70 2.8:

Main Mic- Rode VideoMicPro:

Backup Mic:

The BEST Tripod:

Time-lapse and POV Camera- GOPRO Hero5 Black:

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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