Making Elsa’s Wig! Elsa Cosplay Reveal Disney Princess Frozen Cosplay Costume Sewing Olaf adventure

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of the “Making Elsa’s Winter Ensemble” From the Disney Short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”! Id like to foamily apologize for this video, and bless those of you who watch it, let alone make it to the end. this is chaos crafting at its worst and it only gets better as the show goes on *face palm*

Wig Styling is not my forte, but im not as bad as I originally thought I was. I still have a lot of room to learn and grow!

Wig is from Amazon like 6 years ago
Got2B glue from walmart
Random pics and combs from my Bathroom closet

Ice castles are in Miday Utah and only open in the dead cold of winter, so dress warm

0:00 Intro
02:43 RIP Thranduil Wig
02:48 Getting Supplies
03:02 The beginning of my suffering
04:35 I skipped a bunch of
05:27 wig stylers lament
06:31 George Washington Hair
06:55 gaining confidence
09:18 Behold My Shame
10:15 Vacuuming Hair
10:24 The Final Hair
11:08 Ice castle tips
14:14 Mini Vlog
15:10 Conclusion
17:19 Final Still Images

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TikTok: Alexandria_Layne

All music came from epidemic sound

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