Make a DIY Joker Costume!

In this video, Dave shows you how to recreate the costume from Joker (2019) for less than $20 and it can be made in a single day!

*Disclaimer* Joker is a rated R movie. This tutorial video is completely appropriate. However, “The Costume Kid” can not recommend that you watch the movie. Kids, please ask you parents if you’re able to watch it. And don’t say that I told you to watch it!

Video Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:28 Thrift Shopping
4:09 Green Shirt
6:05 Yellow Vest
7:18 Red Jacket
10:03 Red Pants
10:40 Brown Shoes
11:08 Trying on Costume
11:45 Makeup
14:42 Green Hair
15:16 Montage


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