BEST of Transworld 2023 Halloween Expo! Scary Animatronics, Masks, Costumes and More

The BEST Halloween animatronics, masks, costumes, and more from Transworld 2023 Halloween and Haunted House Expo!


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Transworld Halloween Expo is the largest and longest-running Halloween industry show. It’s where professional artists, prop makers, and engineers go to show off and see their amazing creations to Haunted House owners and Home Haunters. We saw beautiful silicone masks, terrifying animatronics, costumes galore, and larger-than-life creations. This Transworld 2023 highlight video showcases just some of our favorites.

“Chrissy” Animatronic from Poison Props
A-1 Thanos Fog Gun at Froggy’s Fog
DIY Animatronic Tech from Fright Props and Hallucinations Creations
Vampire Girls from Original Sin Design
Monsters!!! ft. RibFX, Dapper Cadaver
Chocolate Bones from Chocolate Treasures
Blue Hat Guy
Body Painting ft. Dutch Bihary and Josh Counsel with ProAiir, Noelle Hetzel w/ Graftobian Makeup
Post-Apocalyptic Costumes from Terra Class Aesthetics
Morris Costumes & Animatronics
Beastcraft Animatronics
Mineshaft Elevator from Witch Doctor Designs
Foggy Tower from Little Spider Creations
Rust Effects from 916 Fear Finish
Giant stuff!
Giant animatronics from Scare Factory
The Dark Zone ft. Poison Props
Hyper Realistic Props from Ghost Ride
Lunging Boxes from VFX Creates
Masks! ft. Savage Silicon, BrandiBeast, and Immortal Masks
13th Floor Haunted House facade
Werewolf Puppet by Creature Corps
Distortions Unlimited Animatronics

00:00 Introduction
00:18 Floating Animatronic
00:40 The Fog Gun
01:01 DIY Animatronics Tech
01:26 Life-cast Vampires
01:46 Monsters
02:40 Chocolate Skulls
03:00 Blue Hat Guy
03:23 Body Painting
03:58 Costumes
04:58 Morris Costumes
05:30 Beastcraft Animatronics
06:05 Falling Elevator
06:27 Little Spider Creations
06:41 Fake Rust
07:03 Giant Props
07:40 Scare Factory
09:25 The Dark Zone
11:04 Ghost Ride
11:48 VFX Creates
12:25 Halloween Masks
14:13 13th Floor Haunted House
14:50 Werewolf Puppet
15:16 Distortions Unlimited


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