Pit Bull Replica Hoverboard! Brand New Halloween Costumes (Back to the Future II)

Fun.com just recently released a first! The Pit Bull Hoverboard from BTTF II. Im very excited to review this Movie Prop Replica, or is it a Cosplay costume accessory? And you don’t want that pink hoverboard that isn’t powered? Well, you’re in luck! Fun.com and Halloween Costumes is now selling a replica of the Pit Bull Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II, you know the one with the twin jets that can hover over water! Yeah, that’s the one. And this is one is pretty sweet.

Fun.com Pitbull Hoverboard:

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Pit Bull Hoverboard:
Pit Bull Hoverboard Bottle Opener:
Halloween Costumes Hoverboard:
2015 License Plate:
Outtatime License Plate:
License Plate Combo:
Back to the Future Trilogy 4K UHD:
Back to the Future Triolgy Blu-ray:
1985 Marty McFly Costume:

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